About LTPO

 LongTan Philharmonic Orchestra
Elected Participant for the Ministry of Culture Village
Cultural Development Project
Elected as Excellent Group by Hakka Affairs Council 2016~2017                
Elected as Excellent Group by Department of Hakka Affairs, Taoyuan
Elected as Excellent Group by Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan
Performed at the National Concert Hall
Fourth Performance at the National Concert Hall

In October 2008, LongTan Philharmonic Orchestra was founded by music lovers with substantial support from Longtan Township Mayor Fa-Hai Yeh. Performing a combination of classical and local arts through rich, diverse band compositions, LTPO hopes to inspire music and art culture in communities, present Longtan’s colorful culture to all, and foster a high quality, international, orchestra representing Taoyuan City.
Culture and art reflect the living standards and quality of citizens; they are critical values of a civilized country. LTPO devotes itself to planting the seeds of music through education to promote appreciation for the arts and enrich the lives of citizens.
LTPO expects to serve as a performance group that brings harmony, warmth, and mind cultivation to the public. The orchestra combines new and old elements to offer a wide variety of cultural experiences and the spirit of living an aesthetic life infused with music. Looking ahead, LTPO wishes to develop long-term programs with students and groups in the artistic field to stimulate education of arts and humanities while making it a local specialty. LTPO’s continuous efforts embody the notion of living a musical and artistic life.

About LongTan Philharmonic Orchestra
Starting from the Rurals 
Longtan is a traditionally Hakka town with a population of approximately 120 thousand citizens. The typical Longtan image consists of theme parks like Leofoo Village and Window on China, Shimen Reservoir, tea plantations, and the 3rd Taiwan Provincial Road. Recently, the LongTan Philharmonic Orchestra has become a cultural landmark well-known by locals. 
Founded in 2008, LTPO has been gradually attracting talents everywhere despite its secluded geographic location with 15 to 20 concerts a year. The orchestra gathered quite an enthusiastic audience with their outstanding performances.
LTPO actively promotes music in rural areas the countryside and brings glorious melodies to the streets. Advised by the Ministry of Culture, the orchestra is devoted to increase cultural exposure and narrow the urban-rural gap.
As a nonprofessional independent orchestra, LTPO makes the promotion of musical art its mission even without abundant resources. The orchestra feels a strong sense of responsibility towards public welfare and passion towards music that is crucial to their mission of culture dissemination.
Transforming into a Cultural Landmark
Major cities around the globe have prestigious orchestras that holds significant cultural value. The Berlin Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic, and the Vienna Philharmonic are examples of orchestras being both valuable cultural assets and landmarks to the city. Apart from continuously sharing their music with numerous towns and mountain villages in Taoyuan and Hsinchu, LTPO had had their National Concert Hall debut in 2015. The performance won over the hearts of the audience with exquisite interpretation of the pieces, remarkable chemistry, and stunning overall musicality. In 2016, the orchestra held another performance by virtue of acclaims from National Concert Hall judge. The orchestra invited Guest Conductor Lian-Chang Guo, known at home and abroad, and National Symphony Orchestra Concert Master Ting-Yu Wu to perform as a violin soloist. Pieces of the night included B. Bartók: Rhapsody No. 1, G. Rossini: La Boutique Fantasque, Joe Lee Rhapsody "Ma Ka Ta", and many more classics.
LTPO strives to elevate their level of artistic performance perpetually to become the leading group of the Taoyuan area. It has surpassed the role of a private, independent orchestra and become non-profit and quasi-public with their strong ambition to close the gap of cultural resources between city and countryside. The orchestra has been elected to participate in the Village Cultural Development Project led by the Ministry of Culture for five consecutive years and won the highest honor of art group excellency in Taoyuan City after years of acknowledgment. After a decade of venture, LTPO is finally able to receive recognition and continue to rise in the field of music and culture promotion. 

Introducing Taiwan to the World Through Music
The LongTan Philharmonic Orchestra was first conceived and formed with eight children as its roots in 2006. It later blossomed into a fully-structured orchestra with musicians from all walks of life that show a great sense of mission towards cultural work. The members and their supportive families jointly achieved what the orchestra came to represent today.
Director and Conductor Hong-Yu Zhang along with Violist and Artistic Director Yi-Xiu Chen played critical roles in the success of the orchestra. They invest much time and effort into painstakingly managing the band, leading practices, and popularizing music in the neighborhoods.
The orchestra’s outlook is to move and change Taiwan with music. It also expects to transcend Taiwanese music beyond national borders and introduce our country to foreign friends, promoting understanding and appreciation for Taiwanese culture.  


About LongTan Philharmonic Orchestra: Pepole

Guest Conductor  Prof. Lian-Chang Kuo
Graduated from Soochow University and École Normale de Musique de Paris, Prof. Kuo had held multiple positions in the field including conductor of the Ensemble Instrumental International in Paris, Taipei Chinese Orchestra, and C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra, evaluator of the National Culture and Arts Foundation and the National Concert Hall, advisory committee member of the National Symphony Orchestra and the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, director of the Fu Jen University Department of Music and Extension Program, professor of the Taipei National University of the Arts Graduate Institute of Arts and Humanities Education and director of the university's Office of International Affairs. He has been a guest conductor for several renowned symphony orchestras, wind orchestras, Chinese orchestras, and contemporary chamber music groups. He has collaborated with distinguished musicians like Yumiko Sakuma, Si-Qing Lu, Roger Boutry, Guy Touvron, Robert Altken, András Adorján, and Shigenori Kudo. Guo is currently a full-time professor at the Fu Jen University Department of Music and conducts its symphony orchestra and wind orchestra. He is also the conductor of National Taipei University of Education Department of Music's symphony orchestra(Music Department orchestra)and the instructor of the Ministry of National Defense Symphony Orchestra. 


Director and Conductor  Hung-Yu Chang
Chang is a former commander and music director of the Military Band of Army. He majored in Music Composition at Fu Hsing Kang College under Prof. Ji-Zheng Song and Da-Sheng Zhang, and attained his master's degree in Orchestra Conducting at Fu Jen University under Prof. Lian-Chang Guo. He later studied wind orchestra conducting under wind orchestra master F. Fennel at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Chang has profound and insightful knowledge of both contemporary wind music and orchestral music.
Since 1997, Chang has been instructing wind orchestras and symphony orchestras that triumphed in contests under his guidance. He is often invited to give lectures on orchestra performance and join judge panels in the National Music Competition. His experience make him a frequent guest conductor and one of the most active and prominent wind and symphony orchestra instructors in Taiwan.
Chang is currently the Asia Representative of the International Military Music Society, adjunct lecturer at Vanung University, conductor of Taoyuan Elementary School Children’s Band, Wen-Hua Elementary School Wind Ensemble, Longtan High School Wind Ensemble, music director of Xin Zhuang Symphonic Band, and assistant conductor of C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra.


Artistic Director  Yi-Hsiu Chen


About LongTan Philharmonic Orchestra: Groups

LTPO not only brings touching melodies but appreciation for the ineffable aesthetic of music.
From the Ministry of Culture’s 2012 “Arts in the Village” and “Cultural Train to the Village” projects to the 2017 “Community Building and Village Cultural Development” project, LTPO devised and participated in numerous programs of cultural promotion. The orchestra’s endeavor gave birth to music groups such as the Suave Saxophone Ensemble, Adult String Ensemble, Fair Flute Ensemble, Family Wind Ensemble, String Orchestra, and so on, where citizens and music lovers can pick up their instruments and immerse themselves in music during their spare time. Couples, siblings, and entire families have participated in these inclusive programs. Our goal is not to cultivate a musician but many music families.
Located on Gongyuan Road in Longtan District, LTPO hosts sessions for different groups every night from Monday to Saturday. The orchestra welcomes all music lovers to join the pleasurable learning and well-knit lessons with family and friends!

About the Suave Saxophone Ensemble
The Suave Saxophone Ensemble started as a group of beginners, including school principals, retired teachers, painters, tea artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers. The ensemble features soprano, alto, tenor, and bass saxophones. Every other week, the ensemble gathers for rigorous practice on fundamental skills and group performance. Members enjoy playing saxophone as quality leisure activity and the tight-knit community of music lovers outside of the class.
About the Adult String Ensemble
String instruments often requires more time dedication compared to wind instruments. However, their elegant, silky timbre is incomparable. The Adult String Ensemble consists of amateur adults who love stringed music. Although less experienced, their earnest attitude and devotion are highly respectable.
Also founded in collaboration with the Village Cultural Development Project, the ensemble was first a teenage band and later a family group until it finally settled as an adult ensemble. The instructor, French-trained violinist Hsin Jung Li, leads practice every Friday night, covering movie scores, animation soundtracks, and classical pieces. By joining the Adult String Ensemble, members lead a lifestyle full of string music for the artistic soul.  
About the Fair Flute Ensemble
The Fair Flute Ensemble originally aimed to help homemakers cultivate an interest in music and additionally learn a portable, convenient instrument. Seven working mothers became the first members of the ensemble, but now the group has evolved into a band with members of all ages. The graceful tone quality and appearance of the flute drew in many participants. At its establishment, the ensemble had French-trained flutists Shan-Sheng Huang and Xin-Ying Li as instructors. The Fair Flute Ensemble trains members in basic playing, score reading, mouth shape, posture, and fingering, enabling members to enjoy the pleasure of making music. The current instructor is flutist Chia-Hui Peng, whose kind, lively teaching style made lessons efficient and delightful.
The Fair Flute Ensemble welcomes you to our fun, music-loving group!
About Kids’ Percussion Lessons
Percussion is a great fit for preschool children who have yet to develop the required strength to play the piano. Percussion lessons provide children with a deeper understanding of music and a better grasp at vigor, speed, tempo, and other basic knowledge. The lessons offer kids various musical experiences that spark their interest in music and train their fine motor skills. Through learning basic rhythms and tempos through body exercises, singing, dancing, and drumming, children experience the pleasure of playing percussion. Parents who wish to spend quality time with their child and support their growth are also welcome to join.
About the Neighborhood Ukulele Band
The Neighborhood Ukulele Band is instructed by Mr. Jun-Liang Qi. The course is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and is free for all participants.
About the Hakka Romantic Avenue Live Band
The Hakka Romantic Avenue Live Band boasts members from various fields and the ability to integrate nostalgic tunes with pop music. A highly diversified group, the band brings songs with stories and memories to performances that amaze the audience with their freshness. The band believes that sharing the good in life and celebrating happiness in the future with music cheer people up. The band demonstrates LTPO’s spirit of infusing life with beautiful music and being the driving force of music promotion.